Headshoot….  sebuah movie

Lembar 3/365

Headshoot. Kalo diartikan secara indonesia yaitu penembakan di kepala. Are people who watch this movie normal?  I don’t know… this movie too sadist to me. This movie is about someone who have lost memory. There is a doctor who help him. The doctor is woman and her name is Ailin. Ailin give that man who lost memory name is Ishmael. The story about them just little. In my opinion, there are feeling between them.

Someday, ailin (she is doctor from jakarta) want to back again to Jakarta. But unfortunetly, Someone know about ishmael. Ishmael had dark background. When Ailin go to jakarta by bus, someone search him because they are thinking Ishmael with her. Ishmael just not go around with Ailin. Because they can’t find Ishmael at the bus, they attack everyone in the bus. Just Ailin and a liitle girl who live. Ailin and that little girl kidnapped to somewhere place. The place where a strong gangster hide.

Ishmael search Ailin. Because he worry about her. Until he can memorize about his past. About the gangster.

The story line from this movie just simple. But they want to show the art of fight, silat vs karate china. How they are killing each other. I just can see a little part…. close my eyes,…. see again… close again….hahahahah😂😂😂😂😂

This no my movie genre….. because i am disney lover, romance lover, comedy lover…..

For me, the rating for this film :

Storyline : 6/10

Cinematography : 8/10

Art of fighting : 9/10


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